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I have learned more with SELLect in less than 3 months then I learned in a year and a half at KW! I am truly grateful!
- Rebecca T.

First and foremost the agent portal is extremely well put together and gives everything to do on a step by step basis that is quite detailed and descriptive. At KW they used the web program Kanbanchi and it was not nearly as well constructed as the portal. So far, Sellect has felt extremely inclusive and very family oriented with a warm welcoming environment that I feel as though I will be able to call home in no time. I mean no disrespect to KW in any way at all, but after my experience with Sellect; I feel as big of an entity in the field of real estate as they are, that they just aren't nearly as professional or organized as Sellect is. I could go on, but I'll keep the email short. So far, I love the environment that Sellect provides its agents with and I am excited to grow with the brokerage and see what big strides are next in the business.

- Whitaker H.

Become a Sellect Realty Agent

85/15, 5k cap, $50/mo, E&O incl.

Mentorship Program

Train: In-Class & Online w/ Replay

Responsive Principal Broker

Full-Service & Independent

No Desk, Franchise, Royalty Fees

Full-Time Marketing Personnel

Automated Marketing

Propose Instant Buy Offers

Dear Prospective Agent,

We are an independent, family-owned brokerage existing to create and support the foundation of a successful real estate agent’s career. Sellect Realty is the answer to large franchise brokerages with too much red tape and rigidity, who give little opportunity to their agents for their personal career growth as they accumulate experience.

Sellect Realty offers our agents the freedom they need as opposed to stifling franchise restrictions, while ensuring that they are equipped with the right tools and knowledge essential to today’s real estate industry. Our brokerage prioritizes your personal business success over a faceless corporation’s.

A career with Sellect Realty is exhilirating. Time and again, our agents find themselves finally realizing the successful business career they’ve always dreamed of.

Sellect Realty Commission Split

Sellect Agent Perks

Automated Social Media

  • Facebook and Twitter posts are automatically uploaded to your feed. New company listings, just closed, and major holidays for your network.

Competitive Commission

  • We have a competitive commission split for our agents. 85/15 with a $5,000 cap. E & O is included - all for $50/mo.

Full Media Studio

    • Create your own original content to grow your business with photo shooting, video recording, and voice recording.

Custom Social Media

  • Have something to celebrate such as a career milestone? Let us know, and we will make a custom social media post for you to use in marketing.


  • We offer training every week at our office in Marietta with options to watch on live stream digitally from the comfort of your own home.

Handwritten Notes

  • Thank you notes are handwritten, then snail mailed from our office to your new clients after closing.

iBuyer Program

  • Compete with iBuyers (Opendoor, Zillow, etc). As part of Sellect Realty, you can also offer them a competitive, cash sale.

Agent Webpage

  • Receive your own search engine optimized webpage with your own contact form that links back to you.

Automated E-mails

  • Marketing e-mails and major holiday e-cards sent to your client list. Your list is yours to keep if you ever leave Sellect Realty.

Gift Shop Corner

  • Need a thoughtful closing gift for your clients? Our office has a small gift shop corner open to our agents. Housewarming and thank you gift packages are always available at the last minute.

Professional SEO Reports

  • Get professional SEO research reports based on any keyword to boost your marketing. Attract more website visitors  to your own business website or blog with the reports.

Your Path to an Amazing Career

Sellect Realty has the tools you need to succeed in real estate.